Dan Gruetzmacher

Inducted into the World Concertina

Congress Hall Of Fame in 1979.

Welcome to the Dan Gruetzmacher web site. This page will introduce you to Dan Gruetzmacher, let you hear samples of his music, and provide contact, services, and ordering information.

A brief biography. Dan has been playing concertina for over 70 years. He started playing when he was seven years old. Together with his brothers and sisters, he made his first recording back in 1941 on a wire recorder. He formed his own orchestra in 1969. In 1979 the Dan Gruetzmacher Orchestra recorded "Duel Concertinas". In 1990 he recorded "Let's have a party", in 1991 they released "We love our USA", then came "Ladies Choice" in 1992. The next release was "Favorites of the Dan Gruetzmacher Orchestra" in 1995. In 1998 the band changed some members and in 1999 they recorded their most recent album " The New Dan Gruetzmacher Orchestra".


Music Section

Click on the links below to hear song samples!

Let's Have a Party!
Let's have a party * Lakeside Waltz
Country girl polka * Sleepyhead Waltz
Dance Hall Polka * Starlite Waltz
Clock on the Steeple Polka * Lauries Laendler
Young Widow Polka * All My Dreams
Mystery Waltz * Buttons and Bellows Laendler

Cassette only

We Love Our USA
We Love Our USA * Granddaughters Waltz
Country Gentlemen Polka * It Thrills Me So
Who's Going to Love You * Crystal Chandelier
Strolling Girl Waltz * Mosquito Polka
Alone Again * Red Lips Red Wine Polka
Accordion Man Waltz * Black Crow Polka
Das Kufstein Lied Waltz * Going Back To My Homeland Waltz
Cassette only
Ladies Choice
Say Thank You Dear and Give Her Roses * Heidelberg Polka
Twilight in Bohemia Waltz * Sweet Nearness of You
Christmas Toy Polka * Beautiful Rose Waltz
Chimney Sweep Polka * Alvin's Waltz
Hobo Polka * You And Me * Dog House Polka
Baby Waltz * New Love Polka
My Darling Ann Waltz * Last Waltz
Cassette only
Favorites of the Dan Gruetzmacher Orchestra
St. Louis Polka * Falling Apple Laendler * Seemann
Heine Polka * The West, A Nest & You Dear Waltz
Elen Polka * Hawaiian Sunset * Two Eddie's Polka
You're All I Asked For * So Ein Tag Waltz
Musicians Come and Play Polka * If I Never Get To Heaven
Deer Waltz * Boopsy Polka * Northwoods Laendler
I'll Cry Myself to Sleep * White Rose Waltz
Cassette only
The New Dan Gruetzmacher Orchestra
One Eyed Jack Polka * Syl's Button Accordion Polka
White Horse Polka * For The Good Times
Good Morning Polka * Blue Eyed Dolly Waltz
Alice Waltz * Waltzing In the Woods * My Ship is Sailing
I Knew When We Met Waltz * When We're Apart Waltz
Erica Waltz * Waltz #17 * Waltz Across Texas
I'm Dreaming Waltz * I Love to Dance Polka
Emil's Polka * Harbor Lights * Hard to Get Polka
Broken Down Merry Go Round
Cassette And CD


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Concertina Hand Straps

Black, Sheepskin Lined

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Concertinas in Stock



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Black Star Concertina

Key of Bb, Quad, 5 Switch, Excellent Condition, w/Case ...$1600.00


Black Stradivarius Concertina

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Older Pearl Queen Concertina

Triple Reed, Key of C, As Is w/Case ...$395.00


Turquoise & White Karpek Concertina

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White Italian Gem Deluxe Concertina

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White Stradivarius Db Concertina

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White Grand Concertina

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Black Arnold Bb Concertina

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Hohner 1 Row Button Box

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Large Arnold Concertina

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Red Star Beauty Concertina

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White & Blue Larson Bb Concertina

Plate Reed, High & Low Thumb Switch, Quad, w/New Mic & Case ...$3200.00


Black & White Hengel Concertina

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White Star Bb Concertina Streamline

High & Low Switch, w/Mic & Case ...$1350.00


Black Star Streamline Concertina

Key of Bb, High/Low Thumb Switch, Wired for MIDI, w/Mic & Case ...$950.00


Black Italian Grand Concertina

Key of Bb, Quad, 5 Switch, New Bellows, Very Good Condition, w/Case ...$1100.00


Black Arno Arnold C Concertina

Individual Plate Reed, Quad, 2 Switch, w/Mic & Case ...$500.00


White Galaxy C Concertina

Serial #384, Quad, Thumb Switch, w/Mic & Case ...$2200.00

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The History of the Chemnitzer Concertina

$10.00 + 6.50 S&H ...$16.50

For those of you in our area, Dan also repairs and customizes concertinas, gives music lessons, and has bookings available.

For ordering information please call or email us at
(715) 675-2455 Home, (715) 581-3149 Dan, (715) 581-3119 Sue,
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